Spade Fish?

Submitted by Matt Zydron on 6/26/01. ( )

Anyone know what size eye a 13.5 lb spade fish has or where I could get a spade fish eye or something that would work just as well? thanks for any help, Matt Z.

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This response submitted by Bill Gaither on 6/26/01. ( )

I don't know why the fish was not mesured in the first place, but: The Atlantic spadefish (chaetodipterus faber) can reach 30 inches and twenty pounds. A thirteen pound speciman would be around 24 inches in length. I may be in error, since things change a lot over the years, but the previous world record was fourteen pounds and some change. That fish was reputed to be around 25 1/2 inches in length. The largest replica I have listed by vendors is 19 inches. I can build one to scale, but the price would be high. How badly do you want it?

The spade fish has a dark brown eye. I would think a largemouth bass or pike eye would work, although the spadefish has a much darker eye. I would use a "flint" or unpainted eye and color it to suit.


This response submitted by Matt Zydron on 6/26/01. ( )

I am pretty new at working on fish i guess thats why i didnt mesure the eye befor i took it out. i dont know if you uderstud my question. i would like to know what eye size to use not the length. But , anyways i speard this fish about 15 miles off of Va Beach and i new it was big (but not that big) it actualy weighed 13and 3/4 lbs. i didnt get it on rod and reel so i didnt think to get it weighed in or get a sitasion Citation. If you could get back with me on an eye size It would be appreciated.
thanks for the responses, Matt


This response submitted by Marc R on 6/26/01. ( )

A 18mm eye should work if your fish is in the 22-24 inch range. Take Bill's advise and paint it yourself.


This response submitted by Bill Gaither on 6/27/01. ( )

Marc is right......DUH! I shouldn't read questions after sippin that branch water....sorry. The spadefish has the ability to articulate it eys very well. Measure the eye socket and subtract three or four m/m's to allow for buildup of the membranes to make a realistic set.

That is a big spadefish. You should sign up for my clinic on hiding bullet and spear holes in fish. Sign up before August 1st, and I will throw in the mecury weight additive injection class fer free......good luck

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