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Submitted by Frank on 6/27/01. ( )

Do you put clay at the fin roots of a trout when mounting like you do a bass? thanks

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This response submitted by yes on 6/27/01. ( yes )


and no

This response submitted by John C on 6/28/01. ( )

I carve tge trout close enough many times I dont need any clay, sometimes a little at the tail. When using clay for trout make sure the skin is dry and use as little as possible, i.e. good body fit. Be sure and work it so there is little or no clay bump at the union. this can be done during the first few hours of drying

I agree with John...

This response submitted by marty on 6/28/01. ( )

I too carve the fin roots in if possible. Sometimes things don't work out as planned though and a bit of mache' is needed. If you get out all the meat/rays of ANY species of fish, the left over abundance of skin will be your guide of how much mache'/clay to put in...

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