the best way to mount a cat fish

Submitted by terry on 6/28/01. ( )

this is the first time.would it be better to mold
or skin?and if it is mold. what do you use to do it .

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just my opinion

This response submitted by (*) on 6/28/01. ( )

forget the skin, use a mold that somebody else did, and buy a reproduction already done to the closest size of the species you have on hand. Put it together and paint, your finished. If you still insist on doing it the hard way then <---l@@k under search------# there is a whole lot of info about molding and casting in the archives

A replica...

This response submitted by marty on 6/28/01. ( )

would be your best bet...

Mold it your self or buy a repo.

This response submitted by John C on 6/28/01. ( )

It has all been covered in the molding section.

A mold is what a reproduction is made from, guess this confusion goes along with unthaw.

It is easiest to purchase a repo from one of the many suppliers.

There is a good book on molding Ralph Morrels museum quality fish taxidermy, covers this in great detail.

Buy The Video

This response submitted by Headhanger on 6/28/01. ( )


There is a very good video available on 'Molding & Casting a Channel Catfish'. You can order this video through WASCO. It covers everything from prepping the specimen to be molded, to trimming the flashing from the finished cast. I own this video and refer back to it often. Good luck.



This response submitted by Marc R on 6/28/01. ( )

Terry, I don't mean to jump to conclusions, but since this is your first time, I'm assuming that your fairly new to taxidermy. If this in fact is the case, I'd definitely take the advise of purchasing a quality reproduction. This will at least allow you to get your feet wet, so to speak. Then later, as time, money, desire, and experience progress, you may want to try and cast your own fish and make your own molds. This can be a very time consuming and laborous task, but why not try everything and see what works the best for you. Who knows you may love it so much, that you may be the next Ron Reynolds. Best of luck, keep us posted on your cat. Marc R


This response submitted by jt on 7/12/01. ( )

i would buy a replica. then if you feel like it you could try and skin mount the thing. that way you'll be able to see how bad they turn out. every once in a while you can get one to sort of look like a catfish.

good luck


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