Terry, you can do a catfish if you can mount ...

Submitted by Cecil Baird on 6/28/01. ( )

a trout or salmon. However, you must cast or purchase an artifical head and degrease the skin. Using cast fins would be a good idea especially for the bigger cats, and believe it or not, if you have to purchase fins northern pike fins for the caudal and pelvic fins with some modification works fine. Cast the whiskers or use weedeater nylon cord for the whiskers. I would build up the bases of the false whiskers with some type of epoxy.

The skin is surprisingly tough, and even if you do tear it or accidentally cut it it's easy to fill in. Furthermore they are a cinch to paint.I've done them to 26 pounds.

A supplier of channel, blue, and flathead cat heads is:
Tru-Form Taxidermy Supplies, Inc.
4070 Rt. 14N
Lyons, NY 14489
(315) 946-3012


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