Blue Catfish Painting, colors?

Submitted by Melissa on 7/20/01. ( )

I am looking for a paint schedule for a very large Blue Catfish. I believe that the colors change as the catfish gets bigger and want my colors to be correct. This catfish is 100 Lbs. Need colors soon, just about ready to paint.Thanks for your help.Melissa

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Call Star Fish

This response submitted by Dave at VanDyke's Supply Co. on 7/20/01. ( )

Hello Mellisa,
Give the folks at Star Fish a call. They specialise in Reproduction fish.Try to talk to Jeff. This guy is an awsome fish painter and is the son of the owner, Nice people. They had a large Cat at the Nationals, and the Fish as well as the paint job was wonderful. I do know that they sell several videos on the painting of many species of fish. Their # is (1-800)647-4786

I hpoe that this will be of some help to you!

Have a great day,
Dave>VanDyke's Supply Co.

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