New Idea for painting fish? Maybe, Maybe not?

Submitted by Jason on 6/1/02. ( )

I've never had much luck scale tipping fish, especially trout. I've tried treasure gold wax and metalic pens but I've never been very satisfied with the results. But today I figured out a way to make a pretty good looking fish and save some time. This works especially well for reproductions with good scale detail. The first thing I do Is prep the reproduction with brown and black then sand it to start off with a natural looking base. Then I put a heavy coat of silver metalic to get a good reflective surface on the sides where I want the scales to shine. Cover that with a decent coat of gloss. Then I paint my other colors for a trout medium bass green and the red stripe. Then I go back and sand it with extra fine steel wool so the high spots of the scales sand down to the clear gloss and the metalic can be seen. This leaves the recessed area at the correct color, green, white, whatever and the raised scales tips appear silver. Then i add my spots and maybe hit them a little with the steel wool just to break them up a bit, and a final clear coat finishes it off.
so I was wondering is this my own innovative idea or has anyone else ever tried it?

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Not a new idea

This response submitted by Larry on 6/1/02. ( )

Taxidermist have been doing this for a long time. It only will work with blanks that have good scale detail. Breakthrough issue 42, pp50-52 Don Cmeron does it with a brown trout.

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