Reproduction Yelloweye Rockfish

Submitted by Luke Filmer on 6/4/02. ( )

Looking for a 33 inch reproduction of a yelloweye rockfish. Does anyone know where to find one? I have checked with Ron, and Mcginnity's, and Archie Phillips, and Research, and New Wave. None of them have any that large. Is there any other resources out there for saltwater fish of this size?

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How skilled are you?

This response submitted by cur on 6/4/02. ( )

You could mold the fish with a waste plaster mold and cast it in resin, or you could modify another species to get the job done. The Yelloweye (S. ruberrimus) has a narrower caudal peduncle and more dorsal spines and a longer dorsal fin array than a red grouper, but a large red grouper could be modified by narrowing the peduncle, extending the operculum a bit and changing the dorsal and anal fin arrays. The caudal fin would also have to be modified, but only on the rear edges. The opercular spines and the crainial ridges could be made from Sculpt-all. The eye size is a bit larger in the rockfishes, I suppose, but that too should not present a real problem.

I have never seen a yelloweye that large, and am not sure if the anatomical proportions change significantly or not with size increase.

This is just a thought, but I have modified many blanks over the years to produce a representation of that which was otherwise not available. What I have outlined is not for the faint of heart or those unfamilar with fiberglass materials and sculpture.

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