Shrunken areas to build up on a fish head.

Submitted by Rob on 6/4/02. ( )

I was wandering if anyone could answer a question for me. I am ready to build up the head of a Walleye that I am working on using Apoxie Sculpt and can not remember all of the areas that need to be built up. I have done around the eyes , the top of the head down to the nose , and the underside of the fishes mouth. I do have an area on the side of the fishes head, behind the cheeks that are shrunken up and was wandering if I should build that up. I have been told that you do not want to use Apoxie Sculpt on the show side of the fish because it is hard to cover up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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all shrunken areas

This response submitted by Chris on 6/4/02. ( )

Get some good reference photos and build up ALL the areas that have shrunken.

all shrunken areas

This response submitted by Rob on 6/4/02. ( )

I do have some good reference photos. So it is allright to use Apoxie Sculpt on the show side of the fish and it will cover up.

As long as you don't over do it and smooth everything...

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 6/4/02. ( )

out well. You can also break down the gloss of the compound a little with by dubbing with a paper towel. Whoever told you not to use sculpting compound on the show side of a fish probably over does it and doesn't blend it well. I've seen some that look like the taxidermist is long overdue for glasses.

As previously stated by Chris -- use reference. Use something 3 dimensional like a real fish or a cast of the head. You can learn a lot by laying another fish on the table that is freshly thawed out and keep referring to it. However a freshly caught fish is even better. I've done this many times for competition pieces. Over a short period of time you will know what needs to be built up. But be aware for competitions the building up never seems to end.


This response submitted by Lloyd on 6/5/02. ( )

I have never heard of building up a walleye that should never be a trout yes but a walleye in a major way no.The trout can be expoxied on top of head and gill covers to prevent them from grease bleeding..Lloyd

All soft flesh areas.

This response submitted by John C on 6/5/02. ( )

Apoxie sculpt will feather edge and not be noticed a quick once over with laquer thinner will break the shine that many worry about.

I personally dont worry about it shining as my fish have a very bright gloosy look to them. I guess if you are flat finishing a fish it could be a problem.

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