did i ruin my fish skin?

Submitted by jen on 6/4/02. ( )

opps, might have did boo boo,,, have a trout skin in denatured alchol,, for 3 days now! only meant to leave for few hours,,, got to many things going for got about it till this am, and poked at it with spoon , it seemed hard? is it a gonner or can it get an flexablity back? o geeeeeeeeeeeee

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This response submitted by Dan on 6/4/02. ( Hasslehut@aol.com )

It should be in good shape, I would soak it over night in a gallon of water 1 cup of borax and a little bacteriacide or lysol, this will relax the skin, then freeze or mount it tommorrow.

It could stay in the alcohol for years.

This response submitted by Todd B on 6/4/02. ( tddbuch@aol.com )

And it would still be mountable. I just did a crappie that had been in the alcohol for 6 months. It mounted up fine. You can just soak it up like Dan said. But even overnite is overkill. It would be ok if you soaked it 15 minutes. Just soak and rinse and mount it.

Todd B


This response submitted by cur on 6/5/02. ( wildart@prodigy.net )

LOVE alcohol! The only thing that could be wrong with your skin is your thougts about it! Some folks I know (Scrubby) leave a skin in tat faux pickle crap for years.....LOL!

lol ! wow!

This response submitted by jen on 6/5/02. ( )

wow didnt know could leave it in there! cool, to find out is ok when get to many things going... you all are great thanks a million


This response submitted by Lloyd on 6/8/02. ( )

I heard where you can use varsol to soak and dergrease fish skins somewhat...I don't use anything myself...Lloyd

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