Hide paste problem

Submitted by ken on 6/5/02. ( taxiken1@cs.com )

I soak fish skin over night in 4 oz. denatured alochol and 4 oz. of borax to each gallon of water and use acrylic latex caulking for hide paste (WASCO fin backing). When fish dries thre is a white discoloration around the scales. What gives? Thanks, Ken

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The borax.

This response submitted by John C on 6/5/02. ( )

Why use both? either go with Borax or denatured alc. no need to use both. Borax can leave residual deposits and even to the point of borax crystal when it dries.


This response submitted by crosshair on 6/5/02. ( )

try 4 oz. borax dissolved in 1 gal. water mix this with 1 gallon den. alcohol. last about a year of doing several fish. never had a problem

Desolve & desolve

This response submitted by Rodney on 6/8/02. ( jrh19987@cs.com )

Make sure your borax is completely desolved. Mix up the night before, use hot water and stir......... The next day your tan will be cool enough to use. Go easy.......... on the hide paste.

John C has the answer

This response submitted by JohnMc on 6/13/02. ( creeknationtaxidermy@hotmail.com )

Borax is your problem. I had the same thing a long time ago. Now I use 50/50 mix of alcohol & water. No more problems. besides the alcohol kills bacteria, borax does not.
Good Luck

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