Gill Covers Curling

Submitted by Leanna on 6/5/02. ( )

Does anyone else experience this problem? I'm using Tuf-Fin, SPARINGLY, and I get a slight curl to the gill cover, especially towards the top where it is thinnest. Also noticed some curl to the pelvic fins as well. I never had the problem till I switched to the Tuf-Fin. I'd appreciate any bufferin to this headache!

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Hi Leanna

This response submitted by Todd B on 6/5/02. ( )

I sometimes have that problem. Make sure the area is clean from dust and dirt. Then give it a quick flash coat of sealer. After the sealer dries give the Tuff-fin a try. Hope this helps.

Todd B

Dump the Tuf- Fin

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 6/7/02. ( )

Just my opinion but I had the same results with Tuf-Fin and I don't use the stuff anymore. Mod Podge works very well and won't curl at all. Also leaves some flex in the edges which is very good. If anybody wants this bottle of Tuf-Fin I've got hanging around send me an e-mail and I'll give it to you---Aaron H.

Coat both sides

This response submitted by David,MBT on 6/7/02. ( )

I used to have the same problem. I found out that if I coated BOTH sides of the fin or gill plate the curling did not happen. I have used modge podge too, but again coat both sides. david

Agree- Dump the tuf-fin

This response submitted by Rodney on 6/8/02. ( )

I agree dump the tuf-fin. Give Sobo glue a try and coat both sides. If still having a problem low heat and re-shape. Card if necessary.

Any water based product will cause curling.

This response submitted by John C on 6/11/02. ( )

Seal the fish well, use a Auto touch up gun $39.00 from Jim Alread Supply. I put three coats of sealer on all me skin mounts, start buildling the gloss here. This includes fins and head area. The fish must be wet out on the third coat. then do your fin work. and seal again after it dries. This will stop the curling you are having.

By the way....thanks!

This response submitted by Leanna on 6/11/02. ( )

I never had a problem with the Mod Podge. I do coat both sides. I'll try sealing first on next fish before trying the Tuf-Fin BEFORE I throw it out, because I do like it's other results.

Again too Elmer!

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