first walleye mount

Submitted by steve on 6/6/02. ( )

i just skinned my first fish and my job is making me go out of town for 5 days. the cheek meat and eyes are still in, shoulod i freeze it or what would like some help .,,,thanks alot steve

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Not a problem

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 6/6/02. ( )

Just wrap it up good, freeze it, thaw it out when you get back, and continue where you left off.


This response submitted by steve on 6/6/02. ( )

thank you very much!

First walleye

This response submitted by Lloyd on 6/11/02. ( )

I skinned and mounted my first walleye many years ago I used a paper mache liner and filled it with saw dust.I was happier then a pig in mud that was my start...Lloyd

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