Stringer mount bass replicas

Submitted by Jeff Soto on 6/7/02. ( )

Does anyone know where I might find some reproduction Largemouth bass blanks (unfinished) that are posed for a "stringer mount" display? I need 5 different big Largemouth blanks from 10 to 14 pounds with their bodies, fins and mouths positioned to look like they are hanging on stringer clips. I have my own molds and can find other bass reproduction blanks that are full of action with open gills, curved bodies, and spread open fins and tails, but I can't find much in the way of large bass that are posed in more relaxed, relatively straight "stringer mount" positions.

If anyone has any information for me it would be greatly appreciated.

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If you find some ,let me know

This response submitted by CHUCK on 6/7/02. ( )

I have a customer that wants smallmouth done the same way from a 4 1/2 lb to a 5 1/2 lb. I can't find many smallmouth repros in that size bracket as is. Not many choices out there.


This response submitted by cur on 6/8/02. ( )

Order fish from different vendors with left and right turn or ped mount, either side, blanks. Choose wisely and you can place them in an arrangement that will convince others. You should be prepared to make some modifications if need be.

Mold Your Own

This response submitted by David,MBT on 6/11/02. ( )

I've seen several stringer mounts that incorporated curved/open mouth blanks. They just do not look life like. I think it would be worth the time to produce your own molds, which in time could make you a profit down the road. I've molded all kinds of saltwater spieces for my customers. If I thought that I could have future sales of the blanks I only charged for the mold materials. If it was a one time mold of an odd fish that stood little chance of ever being used again, then I charged the customer for the materials, time,and overhead used to mold and cast the fish. You have found a nitch that needs to be filled in the fish reproduction world. Good Luck,David


This response submitted by alec on 6/22/02. ( )

star fish out in texas has some different styles of bass replicas.. try them..

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