Cleaning and mounting shark jaws

Submitted by Sandy Tomlinson on 6/10/02. ( )

I read the message submitted by lar on 5/9/02 titled "shark jaw, am I doing it right?" However, the instructions provided appeared to relate to a set of jaws that had supposedly already been cleaned and mounted once, but he wanted to do a better job. My situation is that my 10 yr. old daughter caught a 54", 30 lb. blacktip shark on 5/30/02. They cut the jaws out for me, but there is still quite a bit of meat on them. I currently have them frozen as they instructed. I need to know a step by step procedure to properly clean and mount these for my daughter so that she will have a lasting memory. Thank you.

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Shark Jaws

This response submitted by Ken Edwards on 6/10/02. ( )

Sandy, here are some instructions:

Thanks, Ken

This response submitted by Sandy on 6/10/02. ( )

Do you know if it is better for me to thaw out the jaws before cleaning, or is it better to chip away at it while it is still frozen? This is my first, and probably only time to do this. Thanks.

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make sure you have plenty of these as there's no way you can do this without getting cut up. Just like skinning a porcupine, you have to get stuck at least once.

Sandy, I just mailed you a set of instructions

This response submitted by cur on 6/11/02. ( )

I just sent a doc file containing instructions for cleaning and drying the jaws. I prep shark jaws all the time and I still have ten fingers and no scars. The danger is an old wives tale. The jaws are easy to do and only a fool would get cut cleaning one. The teeth are sharp, granted, but me if you have questions about the text.

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