Am I Priced Right?

Submitted by Don Patton jr. on 6/12/02. ( )

With all of the talk about price per inch on fish, I had a question. In your opinion am I priced right? Check out my work at:

Thanks in advance for all opinions.
Don Patton jr.

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my opinion

This response submitted by b bishop on 6/12/02. ( )

you should be getting at least $12 an inch and don't give that driftwood away! If you really want to you can send it to me LOL Keep up the good work and get paid for it, you will enjoy it far more if you do. Brad

Give The Driftwood Away

This response submitted by Old Fart on 6/12/02. ( )

I always include the driftwood with the mount. I figure it in as part of the price, which is $15 an inch for replicas. Are you low? I think so, but you have to make that decision for yourself.

My 2 cents....

This response submitted by Bonnie Zedonis on 6/12/02. ( )

For repos. I think your hurting yourself, I personally get more than that (what you charge) for skin mounts. Of course like Old Fart said it's totally up to you what you charge. Might be a good idea to get a hold of area taxidermists and ask what they charge and go from there. By the way you could start with me as I'm just down the road..LOL

what to consider

This response submitted by Elmer on 6/12/02. ( )

Clean fish Don. I asume you are not making your blanks if you are the first cost in constructing a blank would be too costly for you. So you are getting your blanks from a supplier. A Bluegill 10 inches 80 bucks I don't know too many suppliers that can get it to you for that price. You should raise your prices. don't work for nothing. I charge 11 bucks an inch for repro's that is what the market in my area will bear at this time. There is a less time in doing a repro but the cosat of materials is there and shipping. I also charge for the drift wood. Some people just want a hanger. I don't charge for that. I buy my drift wood so i make a little on them. Raise your prices.

Your Work is far too good to give away

This response submitted by JohnMc on 6/13/02. ( )

Unless you have a brother-in-law that is stealing the repros for you, you are way too low on your price. I get $15.00 per inch , and that is in a very low paying area. You have all the practice you need. Start getting paid what you are worth, and keep up the great work.

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