looking to practice

Submitted by jonathan leavitt on 6/12/02. ( jonleavitt@attbi.com )

I have a 25-30 lbs. blue catfish which i looking to mount. if anybody out there is either looking to practice or if your getting started in the trade let me know. email me.

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Safari Job

This response submitted by millionaire sportsman on 6/13/02. ( big$$$$$$$@hotmail.com )

i'm looking for someone to do my trophies from next months safari, if you would like the practice and would work for free i will let you do them to.

If you want to come on his safari....

This response submitted by BobB on 6/13/02. ( foxranch@hotmail.com )

All you will need is room, board and airfare. No need for money for license, as there will be no time for you to hunt. Please bring all your skinning and caping tools along, it will be a great trip.

Email Big$$$$$ ASAP, if interested in going with. A big resonse is expected, as you do not get asked everyday to work for free and cover your own expenses, especially in a distant country. Don't let this great chance go by.

Sure I will

This response submitted by Mick on 6/14/02. ( Mickthetaxidermist@hotmail.com )

Jonathan ,
I'd love the practice.You can ship it to my studio fully frozen and wrapped in insulation, best sent on a Monday via next day air.My turn around times run 8-10 months, and the fish will be crated and shipped back to you when complete.
Oh, one more thing, my practice rates run $15/inch, plus a $35 crating fee and return shipping.I do need a deposit of 50% included when you ship the fish. Let me know if you need the address to my studio.

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