casting fish

Submitted by Eric on 6/12/02. ( )

Can anyone recommend a good book and/or video on casting and molding panfish? I've never done any molding and would like to learn some. Thanks, Eric

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Ralph C Morris

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 6/13/02. ( )

A book called Museum Quality Fish.
This will help you out on your quest. Plus WASCO and others have videos.

A Nice Video

This response submitted by Bob on 6/14/02. ( )

As Frank (above) mentioned, WASCO has a good instructional video for about $19.95. It deals with a Catfish but the methods are pretty much the same. It starts with "catching the fish" and is pretty funny along with everything else. Even gives you the product names and the step-by-step from moulding through casting from that very mold. It's well worth the 20 Bucks and you can always turn anound and sell it on Ebay for 10 or 12 after you've learned from it. Good Luck.


This response submitted by Eric on 6/14/02. ( )

Thanks so much for your help. I appreciate it.

casting fish

This response submitted by rs/bm on 6/14/02. ( )

I have a few copies of Museum Quality Fish Taxidermy left. A bit shopworn but the text is intact. Send $2.75 to cover shipping and handling to Ruth Morrill 950 Benham Street Hamden , Ct. 06514. Thanks for the plug to Frank Kotula rs/bm

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