mounting ling/ cobia? head only

Submitted by rk on 6/14/02. ( )

I am new to fish mounting, had a guy approch me about a ling recently. Head only. How to I get started with this? I know there are the bones and degreaser to deal with. What else? Thank youl

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Just MY Opinion

This response submitted by George on 6/14/02. ( )

But I think you're peeing into the wind. Ling cod are especially oily and I'm sure cobia are too. I wouldn't touch a saltwater skin mount on any species other than a few SMALL drum, sheephead,and stripers for any amount of money. Reproductions on saltwater fish is the one and ONLY truly safe method of mounting.

Ling cod head

This response submitted by Joe in Oregon on 6/14/02. ( )

RK---I have done a couple ling cod heads. Both were reproductions. I made my own by using a 2-piece plaster mold and individual bondo molds of the fins. I would not even consider a skin mount on these heads. Plaster molds worked fine as opposed to cost for alginate or other methods. Both mounts were for a fellow taxidermist who was very pleased.

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