First steelhead

Submitted by Dan on 6/15/02. ( )

I am going to do my first cold water fish and was wondering do i need to use a replacement head or can i put sealer on the head, i have been told both will work but would like someone with some experience's opinion.I geuss the rest of the fish would be like a warmwater fish but i would have to degrease a little longer, i already use a fish tan and degreaser on warmwater works very well because you can leave the fish in it for prolonged periods of time with no damage...any help is greatly appreciated!


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This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 6/16/02. ( )

On all cold water fish I will always replace the head and all fins. Just read below about the guy with the salmon. In time this will happen if you don't do the right procedure's.

If your smart I would learn to cast my own. Your heads and fins will be much better.

Big boys

This response submitted by Elmer on 6/16/02. ( )

On the big boys King salmon lakers stripers and all big trout I would never use the real head I do know some very successful taxis that do and clean out all and seal properly with no problems but just got to a sports shop and look at an older mount done you will see. Although technoligy has caught up with the problem but I am still warry to use the real head. The fins as long as you clean well right to the bone and degrease I have had no problems but there is a lot of shrinkage. Follow Franks advice on learning how to cast. Then carve your body to get a good head match. But you are probably going to use a commercial body so look high and low for a good match . Mat thompsons has some good ones as does WASACO depending on the size of the steelie. Most of those were modeled off the wetern steelheads. Pay attention to the measurement areas the suppliers are looking for. I always sketch then measure and look for a possible head body match before skinning. It will save you some frustrations. If you have to alter the form on the girth a little that is no problem. Hope this helps

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