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Submitted by Tom on 6/17/02. ( TOMSTAXI@HOTMAIL.COM )

after mounting a fish (bass/bream) how long will it last befor i have to paint it.Does it need to be sealed?

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Sounds like you are a very inexperienced beginner.

This response submitted by John C on 6/17/02. ( )

How long will it last is up to the person that owns it. I have fish that are well over twenty years old and are fine, so yes they will last.

Now to read into your question, I think you are asking how long the fish needs to dry before painting it? I think. About two weeks in front of a fan, then seal it and paint.

All fish loose their colors when drying, and must be restored.


This response submitted by Tommy on 6/18/02. ( TomsTaxi@hotmail )

Thanks john iam sorry for the dumb question, but what i was getting at is if i mount a bass but dont want to paint it at that time how long will it last without painting or some kind of seal...thanks

Ok Tommy that helps clarify the problem.

This response submitted by John C on 6/18/02. ( )

I would seal it with sealer, reason being dirt will be easier to clean off the sealed fish to finish it. Other wise it will still last for several years, but be harder to paint.

I agree

This response submitted by Brian Schmalz(15) on 6/18/02. ( )

i agree with john what you should do if your not going to paint it right away is seal it with something to keep out of it. with a sealer it will be easier to clean before painting. when i seal my fish i use like a shalaque (spelling?). it may be a little sticky at first, but paint sticks to it best. however if ur not going to paint it right away it would colect dirt beeing sticky so i wouyld suggest using something else.

Mounted fish[unpainted]

This response submitted by Lloyd on 6/19/02. ( )

It doesn't hurt to leave an unpainted fish the way it is,The reason I say that is How long or short of a time can you go before painting a fish?some may do the thing up in a week others may let it go for a few months depending upon how much work they have.I would say a large fish should go at least a couple weeks before painting a smaller one a week?...Lloyd

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