Looking for big pike replica criticisms

Submitted by chad on 6/18/02. ( )

I am looking for two large pike replicas 43" and 44" both with around 20' girths. I have been looking around on the internet and in catalogs and have found some but no pictures of what the actual blank looks like. I have seen a lot of variation in molds on different sizes even by the same artist. I am not a "fish guy" per say, lifesize mammals are my thing, but I have noticed that many of the fish seem to have unnatural body and mouth positions. However a friend of mine and I got these fish and want to have them done. I am looking for someone who has had experience with some 44" and 43" molds and what they thought of them from the particular company or artist. I am not looking for angry responses but merely legitimate criticisms. Currently I am looking more favorably towards the work of Ron Reynolds but have not been able to see a picture of the actual fish I would purchase.Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Chad Donahue

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The mold is what the fish replica is cast from.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 6/18/02. ( )

Several people have refered tp replicas as molds this is incorrect. A replica is just that a replica.

Ron has some very nice repo's. Good details.


This response submitted by Eric on 6/19/02. ( kiblerstaxidermy@aol.com )

I have just recently done a 44" ad 39" fish from starfish they are real good.

Northern Pike Replicas

This response submitted by Bob Davis Fish Blanks on 6/19/02. ( davis@cyberstreet.com )

We have molds of the sizes you want one with 20" Girth and the other with a 20 3/4" Girth If interested Go to taxidermist.com and pul up web site click on catalog and scroll through until you get to Northern Pike. No Photos as we have over 3000 molds can also supply mouth cast. BOB


This response submitted by Elmer on 6/19/02. ( Topstaxidermy@aol.com )

I have used Ron Reynolds fish replicas and there is minmal amout of prep work. Good mouth detail molded in and good scale detail. No flashing to grind off You won't be dissapointed.


This response submitted by MarkV. on 6/19/02. ( Mn.Taxidermist@centurytel.net )

I have used Ron Reynolds for a long time now I have to agree they are by far the easiest to prepare they have flexible fins and mouth interior is molded in. You would go far to find a better fish. Order early because he is always 4-5 months behind but their worth the wait. Good luck, Mark

Fisherman's Tale!

This response submitted by Dan on 6/20/02. ( gifted62@canada.com )

I think everyone has read Chad's question incorrectly. He is looking for Pike replica's that show the photo. I belive that www.fishermanstale.com is the only website that shows the photo of the reproduction. I won't buy any blank unless I see a photo of it first. There are to many surprises out there that say they have good quality replica's and I end up sending them back. Excellent quality blanks and I don't buy them anywhere else. Why doesn't anyone recommend his blanks?


This response submitted by chad on 6/24/02. ( )

Thanks to all that replied. I was looking for a much more detailed report on the replicas quality, but all of the the info was very helpful. Since this is for myself, quality and accuracy are the most important concerns. Cost and time are unimportant as long as the quality is there.

If any of you have worked with specific molds of the stated sizes please reply. I will check back several more times. One thing I noticed on some replicas is that the fins (Dorsal, Anal, and Caudal) are very thick, up to 3/8" thick. I want to use mine in a pedastal mount so an overly thick fin would not work. I am planning on doing a very detailed paint job and will need excellent scale detail and definition to get it. How about teeth and the inside of the mouth? What kind of details in there? What about gills? are they open or closed? If they are open does it look like the fish is trying to fly away? Very importantly I am concerned with the overall flow and natural appearance of the positioning. The Reynolds mold says S-curve but what does that look like exactly? Is there anything the fish does that could be compared to that position?
Anyone who has experience with pike that size from ANY maker, please respond. I am looking for detailed accounts of specific replicas.

P.S. Don't tell ol' JOhn C. the detail man that he spelled "referred", "to", and "repro" wrong in his lecture about mold vs. replica. Like I said, I'm not a "fish" guy, I just wanted good info from you folks that have put in the time on fish. Being anal in a response doesn't encourage anyone who is asking questions.



Not being anal, just the proper term.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 6/24/02. ( )

Just use the proper term, with in the industry. As for spelling hell boy circle the mistakes and deduct the points on my next test.

So by referring to the term anal and lecturing you. You still think that I was wrong for telling you the proper term and thats anal? like others typing anyways, where did that come from?

No our industry has certain terms that sometimes have other words which may be used in their place. But the term mold is totally incorrect in your usage. So by correcting you in the usage, others have learned that what you refer to as a mold in really a replica ir a reproduction. They become offened as you seem to have. It will have to stand as such. Sorry oh, puny termed one this lesson is for you. You now know the correct terminknowledgy.

Son I admit my spelling sucks and I type like I talk, so put a southern accent on the toe of your boot. You know where it goes.

I would be a writer and not a taxidermist iffn I had done gud n english clazzz.

Just looking for help JOhn

This response submitted by chad on 6/26/02. ( )


After reading other posts I have become aware that you are a very regular contributer to the fish section of the forums. I am sure your knowledge is substantial as well as your experience.

My only point in giving you a barb was to point out that although I used incorrect terms and you used poor english and spelling, WE DID UNDERSTAND what the other was talking about and so there is no reason to insult the other guy. By the post you responded with initially, it appeared as though you only responded to my long series of questions on replicas to correct me on the usage of terms. You gave me no other valuable information. Looking at other posts, I would have loved to have had you give me some valuable information based on your extensive experience over the years related to my questions. I was looking for professional help on a topic and have gotten nothing but insults from you.

By education I am a wildlife biologist who has run a very successful taxidermy business for the last 10 yrs specializing in lifesize mammals. I am now a high school natural resources, biology and agriculture teacher. I deal with students every day with varying levels of writing and reading problems/disabilities and NEVER admonish or talk down to any of them because almost always I know the point they are trying to get across. Like them, I always want to learn more from people more experienced than myself. If you have questions about the natural history of some animal, or lifesize mammal taxidermy I will gladly tell you all I know whether you use the correct terms/spelling or not.

As I have stated before I just want some sound advice from the folks that have spent the long hours on the fish mounting table. Unless you have some form of quality advice for me, like so many people have already done, then I would just assume not have to hear from you. It is to hard to deal with someone who so easily overlooks his own shortcomings but never passes up a chance to point out someone elses.



This response submitted by chad on 6/26/02. ( )

Based on the advice of several folks both from this site and from local suggestions I have purchased both replicas from Ron Reynolds. I was told it will be a 5-6 month wait but I hope the results are worth it. When I receive these fish I will write in to share what they were like.

Thanks to all that responded with suggestions and advice. I felt much more confident purchasing these molds with the advice I recieved since they were each about $250!


Replica Recomendations

This response submitted by T Powers on 08/19/2002. ( tpowers@esmertec.com )

Can anyone recomend a taxidermist who will do replicas of Northerns? I know recomendations are very important. My son caught a 42 inch Northern on a flyout trip in Canada and I want to get a replica made. Thanks in advance.


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