Having trouble finding information on Graphite Replicas.

Submitted by Ryan on 6/19/02. ( ryanstac@itctel.com )

apprieciated the responces I recieved before on this topic, but I am kind of at a dead end again. Nobody seems to know of any schools, learning matierials for the making of Fish Replicas. I have been told that it is expensive to get into and not real popular, but I am undetered and determined to learn this trade. Anybody with any information on how I could get started making Graphite/Fiberglass Reproductions of trophy fish please e-mail or post behind this topic. Thank you very much for your time and efforts. Much apprieciated.

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WASCO has a video on catfish.

This response submitted by John C on 6/19/02. ( )

Between that and the Ralph Morriel way, thats about it for information. There is a company, I cant remember the name right now. Maybe in PA, that will teach molding and casting of your own specimens. They will take you through step by step on the weekend.

I am sure someone can find the correct company.

the Ralph Morrill way

This response submitted by RS/BMorrill on 6/19/02. ( rewthybm@aol.com )

If you are interested in the 'Ralph Morrill Way' I shall be pleased to send you a copy of his directions for making replicas. rs/bm

Graphite fish

This response submitted by christoforo on 6/20/02. ( )

There was a man from Nissua, Minnesota, in the 80's that made very good repro fish, graphite blanks. He has passed away but his name was Viktor Barontis. His business was bought out by Matt Yernatich, (spelling ?)also in Nissua, Mn. It was called Artistic Anglers. The last i heard from or about Matt Y , was 6 or 7 years ago, around 1995, and he had bought out Claus Lebrick's antler molds. (spelling?)
Good Luck

Artistic Angler

This response submitted by Old Fart on 6/21/02. ( )

Artistic Angler is now located in the Duluth area. I don't have a number for them, but I am sure that Larry Goldman at Hide and Beak Supply can get the number for you.

Artistic Anglers

This response submitted by chad on 6/24/02. ( )

I found a website by that name that sold replicas while looking for pike info. I think I used "fiberglass" "fish" "replica" and "pike" or some combination of them through yahoo. It IS on the web and was a very nice looking website. Hope that helps.


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