Inexperienced Beginner ?

Submitted by Ron on 6/20/02. ( )

I read an interesting post that I just have to comment on . The post that I refer to was submitted by John C , entitled " You sound like an Inexperienced Beginner " !
Forgive me for sounding ignorant but .... Arent most beginners inexperienced ? I mean if ya aint never did nothin , how can ya have any experience at it ? The only place that I know of to start at is the beginning and one doesnt start to get any experience until they are a long ways from the start !
I for one have had many experiences in life but I aint never knowed a thing about em till I started em , at the beginning in the first place ! Perhaps theres some new type of training out there that allows one to begin and have experience at the same time !

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Imexperienced beginner.

This response submitted by John C on 6/20/02. ( )

I feel there are many levels of beginner. Many of those that fail to research, those who do research and then those who say can mount a watm water fish well a not mount a cold water fish worth a crap. Same with deer, birds, mammals etc.

Myself I feel like and a inexperienced beginner on African game, reason being 40-50 heads just is not enough to call my self experienced. Why? I run into problems that had such simple fixed, I look back and say "why did I not think of that?" Yes I can do a pretty fair African piece, certainly with almost any animal for that, but I always see where I can improve.

Thats make me a very experienced beginner.


Preach On

This response submitted by Sean on 6/21/02. ( )

Preach On John! I'm with ya. We, as taxidermist, will never be able to recreate what God has first made. Some of us are just blessed with the talent to come close to making whatever species we're working on look like the real thing.

Sean K


This response submitted by Brian Schmalz (15 years old) on 6/21/02. ( )

I agree with john! I mean hell i started fish like 4 years ago and yes i have done some incredible mounts that has impressed my teacher. he has even had me mount some of his prized lunkers because he was afraid that he might screw up on them. is he good at mounting? yes, but still he thinks that im better than him. one thing i lack though is the EXPERIENCE to really be a master like john said. am i a begginner? yes. ive only done a total of 94 fish and still i need to learn ways to fix problems. so see Ron non of us are experts. i just caught on fast because i learn fast. do i have the gift that many taxedermists seek yes but still im not a master!

Don't pick on John

This response submitted by sadie glitz on 6/21/02. ( )

John posts some very informative responses and doesn't need to be chided for minor semantics especially when A person might remark on your use of the 'inglitch' language were he unaware that you were poking fun.

Sme folks just cant stand it. and some dont understand.

This response submitted by John C on 6/22/02. ( )

Ok, people sometimes i will type things to try to make you understand how major or minner things are, how when we leave this earth our bodies are nothing. At times to see what and how you react. Or to try to make you see how much we all need to improve.

Sure I need to improve my mannors, spelling and maybe my grff personality, and this is by your standards and a given standard in which you have set the guidelines.

I on the other hand only accept certain standards, I pushed them in the service, push them in the town where I live. Mayeb at times I am a fair leader because of this and maybe at other times I am a poor leader. But I am seldom lead! Can you say the same? Yes I expect myself to do better each day, many times I fail but dag gone it I try! Thats all any of us can do is try.

When I try to help someone out here, its with a method I know works, because I have failed with other methods before doing the samething.

Do I love a good fight? Darn right! and may taxidermist know it. There was even a period in my life I would take on things were I knew I was substandard, why? I have to prove to myself I could do it. Our only limitations are those we allow to set on ourselves and some physical limits which are beyond our control.

I suffer from Osteoporosis, 46 year old and have it fairly bad. I dont let it stop me, I ride horses almost daily, I train horses almost daily. I ride and walk with a fractured right hip now! I refuse to layed up on the couch in a cast until I can nolonger go. Sure I may have to have orthiscopic surgery in the future, but I may have to have it with or without being in a cast now. I raise my standard each and everyday. I wil never be the perfect taxidermist, but then who will. I have yet to reach my standard, shucks just cant do it cause I keep raising it. Someday maybe I will be pretty fair at mounting.

Dates on the Tombstone reads 1905-1984 the beginning and the end. Those are not important!

What is imporant is the dash in between. Its the life, the people, the places, the things that this person has touched. What will you do with your dash?

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