Submitted by Sam Wagaman on 6/22/02. ( )

I have a question concerning the doit yourself type of ordeal. has anyone ever made there own fishhead's using a resin or such fiberglass, ? I am currious and yes i know i can buy the replica head's but i kinda like making things also. If so how did you go about making the mold and proceed from there? just a q? ..Sam

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There is a ton of information in the ARCHIVES on this.

This response submitted by John C on 6/22/02. ( )

Yes most of use have molded fish heads, alginate molds and plster molds. Look through the molding section and fish section archeives. its all in there even several articles in Breakthrough Magazine and the FISH MANUAL.

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Have a few slightly worn copies of Museum Quality Fish Taxidermy left. if you would like a copy send $2.75 to Ruth Morrill 95- Benham Street Hamden Ct. 06514 if you are in the US of A. Postage is a little more elsewhere. Book covers molding with plaster and resin casting with some discussion of airbrush painting.

Just Did It

This response submitted by J. Man on 6/28/02. ( )

Just cast one the other day of a brown trout, it turned out surprisingly well. Made the mold with silicone then poured it with bondo and fiberglass resin. After it was all painted up it looked great!

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