reproduction eyes

Submitted by john on 6/22/02. ( )

I have a large trout reproduction and I have a question regarding installing the eyes. The fish is one big hollow cast and there is no backing to hold the eyes in. Would the best thing to do be to fill the head with foam and then install the eyes? Is there a way to get the foam to fill just the head area? Or if there is a better way, I would greatly appreciate some input.
Thank you

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Paper Towels

This response submitted by Karl on 6/22/02. ( )

Stuff with paper towels just enough to give a backing - then, use your epoxy clay to build the schlerotic capsule - the problem with using expanding foam is that it tends to expand and contract with temperature and may cause your repro. to push apart at the seams later on...I believe this is covered somewhere in the archives.
Hope this helps,

masking tape

This response submitted by rick on 6/22/02. ( newbirdman )

Put a piece of masking tape inside the head thru the mouth and add body putty. Remove tape when hard.

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