Yellow Perch

Submitted by Al on 6/23/02. ( )

I have a 3 inch yellow perch that i would like to incorperate into a scene with a northern pike.My question is,would it be easier to try to do a standard mount,or could it possibly be injected with preserve-it(or other wise preserved)or cast it somehow.It seems like it may be difficult to skin it.Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Buy one

This response submitted by Doug on 6/23/02. ( )

Rather than go to the trouble of trying to deal with the little pot licker you have, I'd suggest you buy a freeze dried There are vendors who sell them ready to paint and already finished. Check out Matuska Taxidermy or Hide and Beak. Good luck.

make a

This response submitted by steve on 6/24/02. ( )

small's easy and alot cheaper than getting it freeze dried. Check out search and you'll find a way to do it using GE silicon. Remember cut off you fins first, card them , and dry them. You can use them on the repro.

Repro Not easier

This response submitted by Elmer on 6/24/02. ( )

Reproduction of a fish is a little more than getting a freeze dried one and painting it. The ammount of time you have in molding casting and painting is a lot more than painting a freeze dried one. I have done a skin mount on 3 inch perch and a 3 inch bluegill it can be done tedious though.


This response submitted by Al on 6/25/02. ( )

Thanks for the feedback,I appreciate it.Think i might go ahead and try to skin mount it.

Thanks again,Al

gonna need a tiny tool

This response submitted by Jason on 6/26/02. ( )

Some tiny snips will come in handy. Just scrape it out the best you can, and it'll turn out fine.

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