To John C

Submitted by Ron on 6/24/02. ( )

Im the one that left the " Inexperienced Beginner " post a couple of days ago .
Sorry if it was taken the wrong way . That was just an example of my sense of humor . Truth is , I find your posts very helpful and informative . I agree , No Man is a Master . Ive been mounting fish for a long time and Im no master at all .
I do poke fun from time to time , but its never meant to be a mean or nasty thing .
Thanks :

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Ron, no sweat. You gotta have a thick skin

This response submitted by John C on 6/24/02. ( )

I found through life you have to have a thick skin and lots of understanding. nad cander. Maybe sometimes to frank with people, I hope each and everyone that has taken the time to read some of my many post has learned something.

Often I look back at the dark days of taxidermy, in most cases you would have been thrown out of a shop just for asking questions. Not so anymore well with most of us.

Anyway when a person post a statement in someting as public as this, someone will take it the wrong way, someone will understand, someone will be mad at the way it was phrased, and some will find it usefull.

I have mad many mistakes over the years in taxidermy, my hope is only to help the others shorten the curve of learning. Many are gifted and learn easliy, many others have troubles, I feel I have been on the later side.

Yes somethimes I dont think before posting and many times I really do keep my mouth shut, but then as ya'll know I do also let you know where I stand. If you agree with it fine, if you disagree with it fine too. This is America and this is what keeps us from becoming a TOTALITARIAN State.

Like I said Ron no hard feelings, I seldom hold a grudge against anyone and then seldom very long.

There are a few people that really should stay as far away from me as possible. You are not one of them. If there is anything I can help you with feel free to e-mail me! Thats for any body, oops with two exceptions.

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