paint schedule for green sunfish "polytranspar"

Submitted by rob on 6/27/02. ( )

any help on this would be great. I lost the schedule I had for this and now I am ready to paint this little guy and can't find it.
Thank You

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What kind is it?

This response submitted by Elmer on 6/28/02. ( )

Is this a typical green sunfish mostly green with a little yellow ochre on the breast feathering out to the anal area with white then yellow ochre and orange over that on the ear lobe, some iridesencent green scale tipping on the side . Or is it a pumpkinseed with all the colors. They have several variations depends on where you catch them at the green red ear is vervy bland in color as above but that is the the colors I would use if it was the colors above along with reference. Hope this helps.

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