Redfish question?

Submitted by Eric on 6/28/02. ( )

Can a 30lb Redfish be skin mounted or does it need to be a reproduction.

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Yes But will not last

This response submitted by Randall Desormeau on 6/28/02. ( )

Any Fish can be mounted but there are many different ways to do so
You could cast the head fins ect. would help but it is still skin and will have problems eventually. I would explain to the customer the different ways it could be done and the pros and cons. If you are going to use cast parts should explain. If you use the whole skin explain. Or if you use a blank or a custom cast explain. I offer all to my customers. The no one job is a custom cast of the fish. No. 2 is a blank of the closest size you can find. No. 3 is a cast of the fish with skin put over it. Very expensive. No. 4 Cast head fins with carved body. No 5 Real skin all of it carved body. These all have different pros and cons. Also there are still different ways and options whitch would take longer to explain. I never make a stanard on a persons trophy by charging by the inch all my work is custom. I explain every thing I know to the customer of there different ways to do it, the pros and cons. If you dont know who I am here is my web page.
If I can help you I will try. Randy Desormeau


This response submitted by cur on 6/28/02. ( )

They can be skin mounted if you are adept at all of the above. The redfish is a member of the drum family and is consequently a very oily fish, and to spite the best precautions, there is always some leaching of fat and oils that are evident in the finished mount.

I use replicas only for redfish. The head can be cast and used with the skin, but you need to clean the fin bases very carefully, to include the inside of the fatty membranes at the fin bases. I have seen some very nice skin mounts here on the TX coast, but they are the rare exception and not the rule.

This is one of those fish where the cost of a skin mount should exceed the cost of a replica. Replicas are much easier to prepare and require much less time to complete than a finished skin. In fact, many saltwater fishes are actually cheaper to finish when replicas are chosen over skin mounts, when one considers the time involved. I make my own replicas, resulting in a huge savings.

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