To seal or not to seal, That is the question

Submitted by stack on 6/29/02. ( )

Is it necessary to seal artificial heads and fins before painting.

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Seal them with the rest of the fish

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 6/29/02. ( )

I use a fungicidal sealer on the whole fish which includes the head and fins. The sealer helps the paint to bond too, or so I've been told.


This response submitted by John C on 6/29/02. ( )

Yep it helps with you finish. By evening the base coat.

Actually, you should

This response submitted by cur on 6/30/02. ( )

Seal before finishing out the junction in order to get equal adhesion of the filling materials. It isn't imperative to seal an artificial head, but it will aid by giving the finishing coats a consistant primer base.

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