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i asked allmost this question,but here we go,what is a good,fair way to price a fish with a habatat,stream beed,rocks,water,ext.i did a 8"brown with all i said,but not sure what to charge.thanks for any help al

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What your work is worth

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Folks keep looking for the magic pricing pyramid in this industry. There will never be any standardizations in this field's pricing, since the quality of work varies from poor to excellent. How can anyone tell you the value of your work without seeing it firsthand?

Here's a trick. Put a price on the work that you deem fair. If it doesn't sell, guess what? Just as so many industries and products have a tier level of pricing that is based on craftsmanship and perceived quality, so also does the taxidermy field. The very best work commands the highest price and the worst brings the lowest. All cars are cars, but few are Rolls/Royce.

Check out your local and state comps and the works of others and compare them to your own and go from there. Arbitrating a price for unseen goods is tantamount to buying that fabled swampland in Florida. There is no standard, and won't be one until everyone's work is the same and all individuality is erased from this business......and that ain't gonna happen.

forget pricing

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Forget pricing and get thru 8th grade first so that you can write a post in english that can be read and undersood.

I totally agree

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but what is this "undersood stuff"

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