Submitted by wills on 6/30/02. ( )

Im looking for anything gar. I really want a stuffed alligator gar, as big as i can gat it. I want a real one not a replica!

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I have a gar 4 ya

This response submitted by david on 7/1/02. ( )

I have a gar about 4or5 foot long if your interested you can see some of our fish at

thanks David

How much you wanna pay?

This response submitted by cur on 7/1/02. ( )

Got alligator gars up the yin yang. They are all swimming in the sloughs right not, but for the right price, one might make itself famous and frozen forever. Email me and let me know.

How Big and How much

This response submitted by Gaven on 7/1/02. ( )

I live in louisiana home of some of the best Alligator Gar on earth. Let me know what you want. we caught 2 this weekend one of them was over 5 Ft. and around 60 lbs.

gator gar

This response submitted by ronald spindler on 10/23/2002. ( )

wanted=gator garhead from 150lbs.or larger.head cut off leaving partial body with pectoral fins phone number 1-314-630-9037 revere charges mo.this is for head mount.need this for a display.

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