Crappie painting

Submitted by The Rookie on 12/12/2002. ( )

Have mounted many crappie but never could get the iridescent purples in the head and upper back quite right. Would appreciate any suggestions on specific paints or schedules that might work. Thanx in advance. And those dam scales.....................

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crappie paint

This response submitted by wetnwild on 12/12/2002. ( )

I use a light misting over the top with transparent violet. Then a light misting of shimmering blue irredescent over this, give a nice effect.

Get the WASCO Fish Finishing Encyclopedia

This response submitted by George on 12/12/2002. ( )

It's in there and gives you the specific numbers and polytranspar paints to use.

Geo (the godfather)

This response submitted by The Rookie on 12/12/2002. ( )

Are you referring to the Breakthrough encyclopedia? I just hit the site when I read your post. I wasn't impressed with the "no color photo's" but I haven't seen it so I won't knock it. I know Breakthrough wouldn't endorse anything less than superior. And out of you Geo(G) when willing to respond, I would occasionally like more insight than a check search or diversion to another resourse. I know you're a man of much knowledge and respect this sight so much for people like you

Crappie, my nemesis

This response submitted by Leanna on 12/12/2002. ( )

Tom is right with the transpar violet and shimmering blue iridescent he mentioned. Another good fix is the sailfish blue MISTED on as it is quite a vibrant color, and after you gloss the fish, it WILL show up! Be sparing. At times, the transpar red.....that's a tricky paint. It's do or die with that one.

Another aspect to note, some crappie schedules overdo the shimmering paints to my liking. I've doused the fish in lacquer thinner to redo a fish after a seemingly faithful bout of the shimmering paints, but learned.

And George is right about the Breakthrough Fish Painting Manual. He verbally forced me into buying it and it was the best thing that happened to me since oatmeal. Although I never follow the "schedules" exact, I always ad-lib and omit. I go on reference anyway.

My schedule

This response submitted by Grouseman on 12/12/2002. ( )

1-mix black and dark brown 40/60 and darken filler areas

2-pure white: spray belly and mist side of fish up to the lateral line, lightly spray pectoral fins, spray lips,gill plate, and inside of mouth

3-mix 60/40 irridescent gold and bright yellow: lightly mist side of fish, lips, cheak area, and all fins.

4-black/brown mixture used above: darken all markings, top of head and lips, darken markings on fins

5-irridescent blue: highlight top 1/3 of fish fading down to lateral line

6-irridescent green: repeat step 5

7-Gold sparkle: Spral whole fish to give a glittery effect

This schedule is for life tone laquer paints and our northern black crappies turn out beautifully with this.

Hope this is what you are looking for. You may have to adjust a bit to fit the fish in your area. Irridescent paints is what will give you the colorfull shimmer on the fish.



This response submitted by The Rookie on 12/12/2002. ( )

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Your schedule sounds like something I'll be trying in the near future. I'm just trying for a step above my norm. Local hunt/fish shops asking for displays to go with my cards. They've already seen pictures of my work and like but you know how it goes. There shop looks better with more mounts in it. Hand washing hand. No problem. But thank you again for a very intricate and specific schedule .


This response submitted by George on 12/13/2002. ( )

Of the many faults I have, lying and stealing are at the bottom of the list. WASCO's paint schedules are copyrighted and I won't violate that for you or anyone else. If you think this site owes you only information you request without any particular involvement on your part, you're in for a sad awakening. LOOKING UP something is an expectation of anyone BEFORE they ask a question. I'm sorry WASCO not printing their color schedules in color is a distraction for you, but for countless tens of thousands of us who had to learn the hard way then even TV's were black and white, it doesn't take much for us to extrapulate HOW a fish is to be painted from gray scale shading. The real secret to painting a crappie is to NOT PAINT IT. Keith Crout won a World Championship with that method where there was VERY LITTLE paint used on the fish, allowing it's natural markings to come through. You can learn a lot from reading. I had to. You ought to.


This response submitted by The Rookie on 12/13/2002. ( )

George , you've once again shown the side that has probobly scared many from this sight. Your intrusive, egotistical approach may be justified in many ways but you still fail to remember why people ask questions on this forum. Not all are trying to expose George Roofs little trade secrets. What you had to go through to learn is history.........learn from it,and I know that you did,BUT,there are more conventional ways of going about things now. Practice is still the best,never will be replaced in this profession BUT you still need to remember why this forum was established. Or if I'm wrong and this was supposed to be the "check archives".com I apoligize. You're obviously a very educated and respected man-lighten up!

What the Frig is this

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 12/13/2002. ( )

What in the Sam's hell name did George do here. What, the man has followed the law and didn't break it for you. Are you just like that (supply company) lets copy there work and sell it so I can make money the easy way. The man says nothing less than the truth with a hint of sarcasm at times but that's him and the guys who do know him and respect him realize his talents are far better than what he says.

In this industry as of now there is no trade secrets at all........ How I know is after paying and going to school I was taught not to give out anything I learned so I did this. I changed real quick in my first competition when I had the presence of the great Guru Richard Krane judge my fish. When he critiqued my work and from he told me during it I was in total shock that I stopped him in the middle of his ways on painting and asked him this. Hey wait a minute, your telling me all these secrets that I never even heard of before. He laughed and here's why we're here doing this today, I can and will tell you anything you want to know, it's all in books all kinds of books not in just taxidermy books you just have to look and try different ways. Also likewise his response was this you pay me to show you how to apply these techniques there are no secrets. So you see we do and can write things down for you folks to learn but if it's copywriter we can't and shouldn't do it. But if a person writes their own way down you can from there write it for other, otherwise don't be a cheapskate buy the book!
So all in all here look in your local art stores, you'll find what your looking for there but WASCO does sell some of those items needed to get the hues your looking for.(powders,shiva etc)

George your getting soft you didn't scare the Rookie off. Atleast I still love ya.

To all who cry

This response submitted by Ron Hesser ( Bones ) on 12/13/2002. ( )

I have been reading post on this site for about three years now. I have seen some really informitive people quit posting here because of all of the cry babies ( you hurt my feelings crap. ) I don't know any of these people personally that give us advise for free but I darn sure ain't gonna complain about their help. George give all of them MORE hell and mabey they will quit coming here. No George even MORE hell than that..............

Like I said

This response submitted by Brian on 12/13/2002. ( )

We need to get this site registered and get rid of alot of thease
Idiot's!This crap is getting old!I say pay a fee to get here and this would be a great site we are only hurting ourself's with all the wannabe's give it to me for free!George give em' hell!

All this over a crappie!

This response submitted by Crazy Sumb*tch on 12/13/2002. ( )

Man o Man alot of ego to wade through around here!


This response submitted by The Rookie on 12/13/2002. ( )

Some of us are going out the world backwards trying to get our business' established .Never would have believed all the little tools,references chemicals ,supplies, and so on that are required to get things done right. But still I strive on looking for little things I can aquire and still eat for the week. This all started over some catalog that george felt the need to defend becauce I questioned the fact that it didn't have color photo's. It may be the best but still seemed Questionable. I probobly will order the thing if WASCO will ever send the catalog I ordered 6 weeks ago and called again about 2weeks ago. Oh, and it's suppose to be free. Hope this doesn't offend anyone. Some of you just need to know that there are those of us who really are doing everything in our means to do the right thing but can't do it overnight. Just a little note from another one of those IDIOTS who can't make your grade as of yet. Will keep trying-


This response submitted by George on 12/13/2002. ( )

And WHY NOT? What do you mean you can't do it overnight? You think by simply posting a question here it should be ANSWERED immediately. That's pretty damned sanctimonious, isn't it? So just go ahead with your vaunted "trial and error". In, let's say, about 30 years, you'll be right where I am, but then, dammit, you'll be 30 years BEHIND. Your arguments are weak, your justification questionable, and your attitude sucks for someone wanting to LEARN instead of being force fed.

Will Work.....

This response submitted by The Rookie on 12/13/2002. ( )

on it George .Appreciate your thoughts and knowledge. I'll try and remember my role as the student in the future. I really do have the purist intentions. Just going through a lot of tough times gettin things going right now. Thanks for your time.


This response submitted by George on 12/13/2002. ( )

Then you'll make it. Tough times make us or break us. Wish you the best. Pray for patience...but hurry. LOL.

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