How many for wholesale?

Submitted by Drew on 02/01/2003. ( )

Just wanted to know if wholesale fish work brings in many fish for you wholesalers out there? Is there a makrket for it and do you keep busy year round? And just a guess if the work is good do you get alot of fish sent to you?

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Tried it once wasn't worth it

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 02/01/2003. ( )

It just slowed down my regular customer work and I was doing it for less! The camel that broke the camel's back was when a wholesale customer got ticked because I requested to be paid after waiting for a month.

Last I heard he is happy with Rinehart's service and says "Rinehart is a taxidermist he can trust." Whatever.

There is a better way...

This response submitted by Monty Artrip- Blue Ribbon Fish on 02/04/2003. ( )

If you're interested in getting more fish work, consider the following: I found that my strongest area in taxidermy was fish. After 15 years in this business I can truthfully say that there are very, very few individuals that are gifted in all areas of taxidermy. You can make this observation easily at competitions. A person who consistently wins with deer, for example, may totally suck at birds. If you feel fish are your strong area consider specializing. I did exactly that 4 years ago and quadrupled my business. Aside from being able to mount only what you want, you will find your proficiency and skill increasing. Also, you will find customers seeking you out, the same way you would go to a heart specialist with a heart problem rather than you family doctor. As with Cecil, I tried the wholesale thing at one point and found myself losing my ass. How anyone thinks they can produce a GOOD fish for $5-$6 an inch blows me away. I produce close to competition quality fish (yes, I know exactly what that is) at $12 an inch. While I make decent money at this price, the only Cadillac Escalades in my driveway still belong to my customers. Something that has worked very well for me is taking examples of my work to fishing guides in good areas. Simply raise your price $1 an inch and give this to guide for filling out paperwork and freezing fish. Also, most people who can afford guides can afford good work. Never think that undercutting the other guy will bring you more work. There are people in this world with so much money they have to find things to spend it on, and these people pride themselves on how much something cost (providing its not junk!). Hope my rambling on helped you decide to leave wholesale to the Rhinehardts.

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