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Submitted by Ed. on 02/03/2003. ( )

i got a bass to mount was caught about 4 mths. ago & i need to get a weight on in for the name tag.. so how much will it loose after beening in the frezzer ?

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4 - 6 ozs.

try this

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This works for most common shaped fish . Measure your fish , square the girth then mutiply that by the length and then divide by 800 . This should give you a close weight . I know this doesnt answer your question , but if you got these measurements before you frooze it , it might help .

Repectfully disagree witht the divide by 800 rule

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 02/04/2003. ( )

I don't know either how much weight they lose, but the above formula is notoriously inaccurate. It is especially inaccurate on heavy larger fish.

Your state should have a chart showing average weights for largemouth bass of certain lengths. I weigh each bass I get in on a produce/meat scale and anymore can get very close in estimating the weight of a fish just by looking.

One thing to keep in mind is that bass have different proportions to their lenghts depending on lattitude. Although southern bass get larger, live longer, and reach longer lengths -- especially the Florida strain -- northern bass are stockier for their length.

I raise bass and of course mount them, and the stockiest bass I have seen are from Minnesota, Northern Michigan and upstate New York. They don't reach the lengths of the southern bass but where the food supply is good are built like footballs.

Scratch the southern bass live longer

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 02/04/2003. ( )

It was a typo.

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