Peacock Bass Replicas?

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I am having problems locating some really big Peacock bass replicas. A man called with 19#, 21.5#, 22#, & (2)24# Peacocks. I've searched Starfish, New Wave, Dobbs, WASCO, Lonestar and a few others with no luck. Kirkhart had a 34"x24", which was similar to the 19 pounder. Any ideas where to locate the others? I am beginning to wonder if these guys had their "beer" magnification eye glasses on when they caught these bruisers. I am clueless on these fish, is these weights even feasible?

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Some records with additional info...

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Dec. 20, 1999
CONTACT: Jim Huffstodt, 561/625-5122

WEST PALM BEACH--The holder of the new all-tackle world record for butterfly peacock caught and released his 11.5-pound trophy in a small lake behind his home. The record fish measured 29 inches long and had an enormous 20-inch girth.

Mark Krizner of 2045 Lake Point Dr., Weston caught the monster peacock on September 6, 1999. Krizner's achievement was officially recognized this week by the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) headquartered in Dania Beach according to Doug Blodgett, IGFA World Record Administrator.

The previous world record was a 10.5 pounder caught by Larry Larsen in Brazil on March 21, 1994. Larsen, who has fished extensively for peacock bass in South America, is a prominent angler and outdoor writer from Florida.

The Peacock bass (Cichla spp.), a native of tropical South America is in actual fact a cichlid. Called the Pavon or Tucunare in their homeland, they gained the common name because of their basslike shape and peacock feather `eyes' on the caudal fin.

Considered by many to be the world's greatest freshwater game fish, this magnificent and largest member of the Cichlidae family has been successfully introduced into Central America, Hawaii, Florida, Puerto Rico and Guam for sport fishing. The current IGFA World Record rod and line capture 27 pounds fish caught in Rio Negro, Brazil, by Oklahoman, Gerald `Doc' Lawson. The charm of the Peacock bass was made known to the world through an article in TIME Magazine entitled The New Fishing Frontier

Cut, pasted and condensed from a couple of websites... Dunno about where to get blanks - but this should answer your questions about attainable sizes.

peacock replicas

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Try bucky waters in naples fla called fins and scales taxidermy he has some, also nicely taxidermy advertisesin breaktrhough magazine has several molds

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