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Those acrylics that are supposed to replace lacquers are nowhere near as much fun to use although a couple of the new colors are adequate but most are too opaque to give you the depth of color lacquers will. Have you tried making your own lacquers? A little oil paint squirted into a jar and thinned with a mix of clear lacquer and lacquer thinner in a ratio of ABOUT 5 thinner to 1 clear. The color should be quite thin, ... if you draw it up the side of the bottle it should be clear with no granules of paint evident. I like Winsor Newton colors but Grumbacker works well too. Those are the only two I have used with an airbrush but I am sure most oils will work although I do think the more expensive tubes provide a better mix. I am not up on the chemistry and so confine to WN and G. Be aware that there are three or four different named Blacks..Ivory, Mars. Lamp Back , blue black.Lamp Black is the darkest but it is interesting to use one or another of the others for lighter, grayer blacks. Alizrian crimson is about perfect for the rainbow stirpe and vermillion or cadmium scarlet( if you can find it) are great for the brook trout spots and cheeks. I have tried adding silverto the oils with indifferent success but I am sure you fellows with more artistic and mechanical ability than I can figure out how to combine silver one way or another to get that sparkly color you want. Haw Umber is a good base color for bass. Nuff. rs/bm to


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see Van Dykes catalog

what are you talking about

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What do you mean they dont make it any more ? I just bought a few quarts of lacquer last month . Have you tried your local auto paint supplier ?

Modern Auto Lacquers

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I find the new style auto acrylic lacquers aren't one two three with the old time lacquers. Not sure if it is the paint or the new colors but many of them are on the opaque side and do not give the translucence a person would like to attain . Least that's what I've been running into lately.


This response submitted by Billy Brock on 02/05/2003. ( )

I used to buy all my fish paints at a local auto supply store.
Since they were declared as hazardous material,they are no longer
stocked because of the high shipping costs. I have often wondered
if the water based paints are just a way to avoid this.I ordered
a batch of them. The lables all said thin with lacquer thinner.
I tried this, also windex. The results were less than satisfactory.


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Auto paints are not specified "Special Purpose"

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Can find what you need. Yes EPA has stopped at lot of things.

I find WASCO'S line of paints to be just fine, I use some of the neons from Lifetone (Chemodities) for salt water.

So you are still not happy with the current offering?

Try House of Color in California.
If they dont have it, if they cant mix it, you dont need it.

They are a speciality Color Auto paint Supplier. Be ready you will pay a PREMIUM PRICE!

Specialty auto paints

This response submitted by morrill on 02/05/2003. ( )

Don't know how things are in the rest of the world, but, I tried one of those places around here and they ARE expensive and the colors they mixed for me were murky so be sure you have seen samples before you order,( Ackshal samples!)not standard paint chips .

i have lacquer paint (enough to paint 1000 cars ,

This response submitted by ed wilson on 04/15/2003. ( deepwaterinc@earthlink )

If any one want's more info just email me .don't tell me about shelf life . i have been painting cars for fifty years , Give me a holler , I will share some things with you Ed

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