yellow on perch

Submitted by fat rap on 02/10/2003. ( )

What yellow color do you use on perch? Do you tip the scales on perch? I normally us Lifetone Hydromist or Wildlife Colors Water Based paints.

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I use a light orange with a base coat of...

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 02/10/2003. ( )

shimmering gold. The light orange looks orange in your color cup or jar, but when applied should appear a rich yellow and not orange at all. I make it by mixing bright yellow with a very small amount of gill red. The base coat of shimmering gold adds a metallic shimmer to the light orange which most perch have.

I do not tip the scales on a perch.

perch yellow

This response submitted by migda's taxidermy on 02/10/2003. ( )

I paint with life-tone laquers and a pretty good color for me has been a mix of yellow ochre and golden yellow. About a 50/50 mix for starters, if a lighter tone is desired add pure white. If i want to darken a little i add very small amounts of dark brown. I'll also thin with retarder and also usually add some gold sparkle. Lots of perch in my neck of the woods, some are from real clear deep lakes and tend to have a more washed-out lighter yellow. We have some dark or stained water lakes, quite weedy usually, where the perch take on a much darker gold and green hue. The color on the lower fins tend to be a more vived orangish almost red from the weedy waters. I personnaly dont do any scale tipping on yellow perch. p.s on those darker fish i sometimes add a small amount of vived orange to my yellows to give the yellows a deeper tone. Hope this helps! Jeff Migda

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