Scup Blank (porgy)

Submitted by Ken R. on 02/07/2003. ( )

Does anybody have or know where to find a 17" scup blank. McGinnitty's only went up to 11".
Ken R

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Suppliers list above

This response submitted by John C on 02/07/2003. ( )

Go to the list and research all the suppliers.

Searched already

This response submitted by ken r on 02/07/2003. ( )

searched the list with no luck.WASCO,McKenzie,Warrens, etc....

New Wave?

This response submitted by John C on 02/07/2003. ( )

Archie Phillips?

Lastly there is Gray's Taxidermy. I dont know where in Florida they are. They had some legal problems last year.

They mailed out some flyers a while back, showed a huge warehouse.
Pompano Beach rings a bell.

There is a shop in Panama City that has displays at every marinis on the Redneck Riviara.

i have a bigger one

This response submitted by rick on 02/08/2003. ( newbirdman )

Ken , I dont know if this helps , but I have a 15 " scup blank.

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