Mounting whole fish VRS fish skins for drums?

Submitted by Jill on 02/14/2003. ( )

(This forum seems to be my final recourse.)
What are the differences in preparing skins for use as drum skins, as opposed to being mounted as trophies?
Does anybody out there offer fish skins for drums?

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not being smart

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 02/14/2003. ( )

But I never heard of fish skins for drums. I do know they use regular mammal hides for this. The only possible fish that can and I do know it was used on sword handles is shark skin. They were tanned.
Fish skins that are used for thropies aren't tanned and are really just are dried skins. They are very weak and couldn't with stand the constant pounding as a tanned hide could.

Rawhide from Goat skin or deer skins.

This response submitted by John C on 02/14/2003. ( )

These are simply dehaired and stretched over the hollow wood assmbly.
Tacked or strectched and held in place with a heavy piece of raw hide string.

Then allowed to dry, as you play a skin head drum the head will stretch and loose sound tone. Very easy fix, simply wet the drum head by pouring a cup of warm water down the hollow chamber and allow the water to penitrate the skin. Only takes a few seconds!

Pour excess water off and allow do air dry. If heat is applied or sunshine, the skin head of the drum may very well split.

Skin head drums are not tunable as such, but must be built for tone with different sized barrels.

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