Catch and Release

Submitted by Allen on 02/08/2003. ( )

Does anyone know the address or e-mail for Catch & Release Taxidermy?
Thanks Alot;

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Try this site

This response submitted by Charlie E. on 02/08/2003. ( )

Allen, You can try this Site:
All they do is Catch & Release Fish mounts. I have done business with them in the past and was very happy with the work.
Hope this helps, Charlie E.


This response submitted by Ron on 02/09/2003. ( )

You may be thinking of Real Fish, located in Bath, Ontario. I've seen the title catch and release taxidermy affiliated with Real Fish several times in the past. I believe the web site is
I've used alot of their fish blanks myself, they do good work.
Good Luck

Catch & Release

This response submitted by Doug on 02/09/2003. ( )

This is a little Ron Reynolds has "Catch & Release" on his letterheads. His business name is Realfish. The "Catch & Release" Taxidermy" I know of is run by Bob Davis of Florida. If he's the one you want, here's the address;
Catch & Release Taxidermy
2717 No. Tamiami Trail
No. Ft. Myers, Florida 33903
Ph; (941) 995-4444
Best fishes,

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