gender of my fish

Submitted by tina lucas on 02/09/2003. ( )

how can i tell what sex my red oscars and tiger oscars are.i have lots of fish around 30 i guess and i have no clue in how to tell if they are male or female.a response would be very enlighting.thank you

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This response submitted by mike d on 02/09/2003. ( )

I used to raise oscars along with a lot of other aquarium fish.
The only time that I could tell the difference was when they were in
a spawning mood; the ovipositor on the females is bigger and
more squared off(blunter), where the males organ was generally
not as broad and pointed.
You can put several together if you have enough room and let them
pair off on their own; I think statisically you need seven fish
to assure at least one pair is likely.
But watch them closely, I've had two females pair off and lay eggs,
But without a male they're no good.
I used to use a tank that was made from plywood; 8" long and 16" square on the end-about 125 gallons if I remember right.
You need botttom area more than depth; gives each fish or pair of fish
room to stake out their own territory.

THE MALEE IN .......

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