Submitted by samw on 02/15/2003. ( )

Just another q? I have concerning fish scale detailing. I have checked the archives for using glitter to help enhance fish scale but found nothing but glitter on a pirana. Not what i am looking for, I;m more interested in enhancing the scales on rainbow trout. any help is appreciated thanks. sam

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Many options available

This response submitted by Gary Bruch on 02/15/2003. ( )

The techniques and materials are as varied as you can imagine. I noticed that you are in the Harrisburg area. You should come on by my studio in Duncannon and visit --I can show you a few ways to get the look you are after.


This response submitted by sam w on 02/15/2003. ( )

Gary i;m about 45 minutes from harrisburg.In the South mt. area. kinda crammed between chambersburg and gettysburg. and waynesboro. am about 15 minutes from point to the arm pit basicaly, But I am always open for suggestions and tips. i really enjoy this .

Right Place

This response submitted by Elmer on 02/15/2003. ( Tops )

No better place than to spend time with Gary. But try some silver mettalic treasure gold or gold tip the scales with an artist brush. For steelies I use the wildlife colors silver, gold , yellow gold red orange violet,light green and pearl silver scale tip and enhance a 3d look. It just takes some practice. It can be obtained from most suppliers or Taxidermy reference .com there are a variety of colors for many species.

some other options

This response submitted by GB on 02/16/2003. ( )

Color pencils, water color pencils, dry powder pigments, shiva oil sticks, silver/gold leaf. The applications are just as numerous. good Luck in your endeavors sam. Look me up if you are in my area.

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