repo sturgeon heads

Submitted by ck on 02/17/2003. ( )

are there any suppliers who sell repo sturgeon heads? ive been looking but havent found anything yet.

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This response submitted by kc on 02/17/2003. ( )

You mean sturgeon heads they took back after someone didn't make the payments?


This response submitted by ck on 02/17/2003. ( )

i mean reproduction sturgeon heads. it was late and i was half asleep when i typed the question. sorry.

Sturgeon heads

This response submitted by migda's taxidermy on 02/17/2003. ( )

Research Mannikens has a couple for white sturgeon i believe. Not sure about lake sturgeon. I mount a couple lake sturgeon every year. Another local taxidermist molded several differant size lake sturgeon heads and sells them too me. Have not seen any other supplier who carries them.

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