What kind of animal eyes?

Submitted by Jeff Soto on 02/17/2003. ( jeff@jeffsfishmounts.com )

I know this is a forum for fish taxidermy. but since I have not received any answers in the "mammal" category, I thought I would ask here. I'm doing a large sculpture of a Manatee and I need to know what kind of eyes to use for this animal. All the reference photos I see just show a dark eye. It probably doesn't really matter, but I want it right. Any help would be appreciated.

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im not sure but

This response submitted by paul bunyan on 02/17/2003. ( )

how big are they? ask a biologist for help Im sure that someone has come across this before in some kind of study.
Email tohoickion eyes they may be able to help.
I saw manatees in the wild but never got their eye size looks small compared to other mamals of similar size.

You may want to try Archie phillips in Alabama he may have some info for you.
good luck

Miami seaquarium

This response submitted by CHUCK on 02/17/2003. ( )

Miami ,FL.They have a rescued manatee program and have about 4 onsite .If you can call them ,I'm sure they could help you.

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