scale tip walleye

Submitted by fat rap on 02/17/2003. ( )

When sacle tipping walleyes. Do you guys apply paint the the whole scale, 1/2 of it, or just the back? Do you hit every scale that has color or just above the lateral line or some of both. THANKS

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This response submitted by Tony B on 02/17/2003. ( )

I am not exactly sure what your trying to do or what the walleye look like in your area but what I am suspecting your trying to do is get the look of that ėsilver ė ėwhiteî or ėgolden yellowî spot on the scales the spot it actually in the middle of the scale and if you put all those spots on first and go ahead and paint the rest of the fish I think you will find they blend in quite nicely just be sure when putting the spots on there are clean reasonably sharp edges I hope this helps you
Good luck

Try this

This response submitted by Elmer on 02/18/2003. ( Tops )

Along the walleye there are scales with white spots on them take some bright yellow and shimmerring gold 50/50 spray every white spot in the middle as mentionioned above.


This response submitted by Roger on 02/20/2003. ( )

yup, the white spot on the scale, I use a q-tip and dab this spot, nice and clean. Golden yellow and can mix the gold if your fish are this color. Most of the scales below the latteral line, you will see which ones by studying the pattern. Above the lateral line, varies, you can build in the blotchy effect of the Walleye here with the tipping technique. Keep the spots small, looks better.

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