Problem with Steelhead, need advice

Submitted by Matt on 02/17/2003. ( )

I just recently mounted a couple Steelhead that another taxidermist skinned out and soaked in something. I'm not sure what the fish were soaked in, but they were then put back in the freezer. I received the fish and did what I do to every trout I mount. I re fleshed them real good, removed the heads, and put them in alcohol for about a month. The fish are mounted as I said and all of the scales on the both sides of each fish are curled up pretty bad. Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem? Please?

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try this

This response submitted by alex on 02/17/2003. ( )

take wax paper and an iron fairly low heat put the wax paper on and iron it ,, good luck

Thanks Alex

This response submitted by Matt on 02/17/2003. ( )

Thanks for the advice. I never tried that approach, but then again this is a first for this problem. I will give it a try tomorrow.

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