oscars and bala sharks mixed

Submitted by Ryan on 02/18/2003. ( )

Would a red tiger oscar get along good with 4 bala sharks an 1 male betta?

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dead fish swimmin"

This response submitted by mike d on 02/18/2003. ( )

The Betta is dead if it's with any of the others for very long!
Keep ocars by themselves or with other large cichlids only!


This response submitted by ? on 02/18/2003. ( )

yo brother i haehad balas and oscars together for a long time so you are wrong


This response submitted by aaron on 02/18/2003. ( )

If the tanks big enough and the sharks are roughly the same size as oscar it should be fine. I would say good by to the betta though.

Fun To Watch

This response submitted by Greg on 02/19/2003. ( )

I agree with two of the three responses above. The betta will not last long in the tank. Oscars are carnivorous and will eat anything that is protien rich (other fish) that will fit in its mouth. On the plus side it is fun to watch an oscar or any fish eat smaller fish. So my vote is keep the betta in the tank and wait for the oscar to get big enough to eat it.


This response submitted by ? on 02/19/2003. ( )

u r sick greg.

Yes I Am

This response submitted by Greg on 02/19/2003. ( )

I Gotta Be Me

i need help with my bala sharks.

This response submitted by Nuku on 05/14/2003. ( rldmshady@ameritech.net )

hi. my name is Nuku. well anyway i need help with my bala sharks.you see i have 4 bala sharks in a small tank. you know that goldfish only get big if the tank is big. so will that also happen to my bala sharks will they still be small in my small tank.should i stiil keep them. or maybe i shoudent waste my money on a new tank and just send back my bala sharks.can eneyone help me with my bala sharks.please write back soon.

a bala shark seeker who needs help fast.

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