jack dempsey and oscar get along need to know soon.

Submitted by ryan on 02/19/2003. ( )

Would a Jack Dempsie get along with a Red Tiger Oscar.

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Ryan, have have you ever thought of going to...

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 02/19/2003. ( )

a tropical, cold water fish or aquarium site? I don't have a problem with your posts and have no right to tell you what to do, but there are sites that have this specific information. No offense meant.

just a kid

This response submitted by newbirdman on 02/19/2003. ( )

I know what you mean Cecil , but I think he's just a kid . He's been asking these questions since Nov.
Ryan , they are both cichlids and yes they will get along better than some people on this site . Rick

Tiger oscar

This response submitted by Tony on 02/19/2003. ( )

The only fish my oscar wouldn't try to kill was a pocostamus (spelling?) cat fish sucker looking fish!
I live way out in the country, I caught minnows to feed the oscar in the summer, that I kept in a 10 gal. tank. In the winter, I fead him, get this!, bite size dog food! this was after he got to be 5 or 6 inches long! the dog food was the dry stuff! only give him one or two little chunks, the dry dog food swells when wet! Mine lived to be about 10 inches long after 3 years! this was in a small 30 gal tank!
He died when I was gone for the weekend and the electric went out and he froze to death! Cool fish but was iratable to ay the least! would even try to bite your finger! Check the protien amount in the dog food, keep it high percentage! keep the PH at 7.0!
This may not be the correct way but worked for me, shrimp pellets are to high, for me to buy anyway, after the oscar gets som size to him! hope this helps! Tony

how about

This response submitted by Aaron on 02/19/2003. ( )

you get some books on aquariums, like I did maybe work at a pet store I worked at three and learned a hell of a lot of stuff plus took aquaculture.

Depending on Size

This response submitted by Greg on 02/20/2003. ( )

It all depends on the size that you get them. They are both South American Ciclids, wich means they all come the same waters. The Jack Dempsie is probably a little more agressive then the Oscar. I have had a lot of different South American ciclids and for the most part they all get along. They will beat up each other a little bit but usually it is just that, if it gets to be a little to much then decide on wich one goes. Depending on the size of the fish I strongly suggest selling it not flushing it (clogged the toilet with a Chocolate Ciclid). Also talk to your pet store owners more, if they can not answer your questions then do not buy your fish there. Hope this helps


This response submitted by Becky P on 02/20/2003. ( )

Don't know anything about Jack Dempseys, have had just about everything else though.
Some oscars are pretty docile, others flat mean. I got my oscar as a 3/4" baby. Now he's about 8 years old and about 12-13 inches long in a 55 gallon tank with 2 catfish and a pleco. They all eat Hikari cichlid pellets. They have never been fed live food. They get along great. BP


This response submitted by Randy on 02/20/2003. ( bayoucypressatcoxdotnet )

You should go to the about.com website and check out their freshwater and saltwater forums. They can help you out.

didn't work for me

This response submitted by Alan on 02/24/2003. ( Abbarrail@aol.com )

I have had an Oscar and a Jack Dempsie together they fought so much I finaly had to get rid of the Dempsie both were about 11" One thing I know for sure if you already have one or the other and introduce the other species to the tank it will be very hard for them to get along it is best to start out with both species around the same size and at the same time.
Hope this helps

Somewhat successful for me

This response submitted by JT on 04/14/2003. ( gt8678aAThotmailDOTcom )

I have a 12" tiger oscar, a 10" albino oscar, and a ~8" JD that have shared a tank for about 3 years now, all introduced at roughly the same time. The oscars (which are now also breeders, btw) don't particularly care for the JD much, but I have a rather large rock cave built for him to hide in which he stays in most of the time and everyone lives peacefully. JD knows the big oscar owns the tank, so he knows his place is hiding in the cave. As long as he doesn't come swimming around the tank free-nilly, and sticks to the space in and around his rock cave, he's fine.

The big guys just had a mess of kids, though, and haven't let the JD come out for the past couple weeks.

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