Submitted by Kirsten on 02/20/2003. ( lawson_kirsten@hotmail.com )

What should I do before I bring my crappie to get mounted...how should I prepare it?

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My Preference...

This response submitted by Old Fart on 02/20/2003. ( )

....is to have it wrapped in a wet towel and then frozen. NO PAPER or CARDBOARD in contact with the fish.


This response submitted by Roger on 02/20/2003. ( r_heintzman@hotmail.com )

as stated above, but if fish is going to be in the freezer a while, fold a piece of cardboard around the tail after wrapped to keep tail from breaking.

thats the good thing about the wet towel!

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 02/20/2003. ( )

You wrap a fish in a wet towel and the fins and tail fold shut, and are protected by the rock hard frozen towel in the freezer. No cardboard, no damage! Just a plastic bag to wrap it all up into...

Dam Bill I didn't know you knew anything about fish!

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 02/20/2003. ( )

Assuming this is the real Bill Yox. Suprise Suprise. The next thing we'll hear is advice on how to be a good Democrat!

Cling wrap works even better!

This response submitted by Northamerican62 on 02/21/2003. ( )

Get your fish wet and wrap in at least 3 layers of cling wrap,this clings to the fish and forces the air out! I have had fish in the freezer for two years this way and they come out like a freshly caught fish.Whats really nice is you can still see the fish and it does not take up so much room in the freezer like the wet towel methood.

Say what?

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 02/22/2003. ( )

You must be a wanna be Dan Rinehart giving out dubious information as in not having to degrease salmonids. Please! Cling wrap is is not freezer wrap! Your fish will eventually freezer burn.

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